This is new tech, you may have to invest a little time, but the benefits are worth it.

Stretching Virtual Reality technology made for VR headsets (which very few have) to work on a web browser (which everyone has).

 Press “G” key to enable flying. Hold down “W” key to move forward, Click and drag with mouse to change direction. Release “W” key to pause anywhere.

Works best on Desktop/Laptop screen with headphones and mouse.

Click on “Load Room” to enter virtual Chill Out Room. May take a minute to load.
Click “Enter Room” – Accept Avatar. (you can change your name here)
Click “Enter on Screen”- Click on speaker icon or grant permissions popup – Click “Enter now”.

Basically, you use keyboard keys & mouse drags to move in a 3d virtual space.

By clicking and dragging on the screen you change direction/point of view.

Holding down the “W” key moves you forward (arrow keys work as well).

Clickng the “G” key once turns on “fly” mode, which allows you to move freely through 3D space.(see screen popup for fly status, press G key again if necessary)

Holding down the “W” key (left hand) while clicking and dragging on the screen (right hand) gives the illusion of flying. Hold shift key down as well for more speed. You can fly through objects.

6 music tracks are hidden, but as you get closer, they become louder (hint-look where spikes join outer wall)
You can share this link to invite anyone else into the space.