provides several customization options for displaying different effects. These options include a Video Render, an Interactive 3D (NeRF), and an Interactive Panorama, all by using a phone app without any coding knowledge.

Luma can render a smooth cinematic video to display pieces from every angle without the need for turntable or camera setup: ideal for social media and website embedding. All from a mobile phone without a gimbal or any other software.

A 360 degree panorama of each piece. Luma ai offers the ability to see in real time how the light “works” on each angle of view.

Give prospective clients the ability to zoom in on the fused glass itself and see details that are not be easily visible in traditional 2D images or videos. Use your mouse or pinch in and out to see more detail, click and drag or tap and drag to see more detail. Notice how the translucency and colours are perceptible with each investigation in real time.