Thank You for signing up to the events. Over next 2 weeks I will introduce you to augmented reality overlays for your own artworks, as well as digital painting techniques I employ in my own Art.

Firstly, you need to register for a free Artivive account by clicking here . Once registered, you will be able to add augmented reality overlays to 3 of your artworks, for free. Please remember to bring your login details on the evening.

Artworks: if your artwork is digital, please take it along on a memory stick, or email to me:

If artwork is not digital, either take a photo at highest resolution possible, or bring it along for photographing on the evening.

Please bring physical artwork as well, so you can see the augmented reality overlay playing in real time.

Videos: If you have videos you would like to incorporate in your artwork, bring them along too. Artivive limits length of video to 45 seconds.

Music/Voiceovers: Please bring along any music or voice file you might like to incorporate in your augmented reality overlay in .mp4 format.

Don’t worry if you don’t have videos or music. the idea of the evening is to instruct and display what can be done with Artivive, so you can explore further once you have the basics.

You will need to download the free Artivive app Android or IOS on your phone/tablet to view your augmented reality artworks.

More about my own practice here

Here are some of my digital artworks which are “Artivive Ready”. Just open the Artivive App on your phone or tablet & point phone camera at screen to see Augmented reality overlay.

Cloch Mór in Spring.

Single video layer

Rostrevor in Spring.

Single Video layer.

Narrowater Keep.

Single video layer with Google Earth Studio footage.

Sunflower study.

3 Layers video 2 layers images

Sid Vicious.

3 Layers video.

Tommy Makem.

3 Layers video, 6 images.

Zoom in close as you can to see stage show.


3 Layers video, be sure to move device around.

Newry 1902.

Single video layer with 3D visualisation.

Thank You.